Another Reason Not To Fear The Sky

They say not all who wander are lost. I want to be living proof.

Media and the Music Industry 2

There are many things I can do currently involving the media I choose to consume and social networking that will aid in me reaching my goals.  Many bands and industry people have tumblrs, twitters and other sites they use.  Networking is HUGE.  Being able to use these sites to my advantage will definitely help me reach my goals.  Making sure to stay in touch and involved in the lives of the friends I make in the industry is big. Not only because they are your friends  and they just happen to be in the industry, but they are going to be the ones that know what kind of person you are and your character and personality and might someday be willing to vouch for you to a potential employer. Traveling as much as they do and meeting as many super-fans as some of these people have, they can see through that, knowing that you are not crazy and a genuine person will get you far.  Staying in touch with people and their word of mouth along with the postings you make and follow on social media will help industry people see what you’re about.  Most people get jobs in this industry because of who they know; it’s just as important as what you know, almost more sometimes when thinking about touring and artist relations.  


Take your time coming home.
Hear the wheels as they roll.
Let your lungs fill up with smoke.
Forgive everyone.

She is here and now she is gone
We had plans, we can’t help but make love.

It’s a beautiful thing when we you love somebody,
And I love somebody.
Yeah I love somebody.

Take your time coming home.
Hear the wheels as they roll.
Let your lungs fill with smoke.
Forgive everyone.
I don’t think I’d been misled,
it was a rocknroll band,
I’m still standing,
Take your time coming home.

See, of everyone who called,
Very few said “We believe in you.”
The overwhelming choice said
I’m just a boy inside a voice
and if that’s true, if that’s true, if that’s true,
then what the fuck have I been doing the last six years?
How did I end up here?
How did I find love and conquer all my fears?
See, I made it out.
Out from under the sun.
And the truth is that I feel better because I’ve forgiven everyone.

Now I’m not scared
of a song
or the states,
or the stages.
I’m not scared.
I’ve got friends,
took my call,
came courageous.
Now I feel like I am home.

One more think, I keep having this dream
where I’m standing on a mountain
Looking out, on the street
I can hear kids in low-income housing singing
"We’re through with causing a scene"
I don’t know what it means
But I too, I’m through with causing a scene.

She is here and now I think she’s ready to go.
For every love that’s lost I heard a new one comes.

So come on with me, sing along with me,
Let the wind catch your feet.
If you love somebody,
you’d better let them know.

Take your time coming home.